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Shenzhen Norming Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED track lights, LED linear lights, MR16 downlight modules

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  • Phone: +86-755-27615054
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    NO.2126 Songbai Road, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Norming Lighting is a rapidly expanding business with a streamlined product portfolio. The company was registered in 2010 with the goal to serve customers who are tired of the flood of low quality LED lighting products that hit the marketplace. Backed with a team of professionals specializing in the cutting edge lighting technology, Norming Lighting is committed to bringing to the market a quality line of energy-efficient lighting products that utilize the best-in-class illumination technology. With all strengths combined, Norming has made huge progress and offers a diverse selection of high quality and high performance products ranging from energy-efficient, high-end commercial luminaires to durable residential light fixtures designed with an aesthetic appeal to complement any home decor.

Norming's core portfolio of proprietary lighting solutions include LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED track lights, LED linear lights, MR16 downlight modules, and a unique collection of accessories. In contrast to those who are actually in-house assemblers that do not have forward-thinking considerations in electrical and mechanical engineering technologies. Norming Lighting stands out and differentiates itself from sheer lighting assemblers by culminating its deeply-rooted knowledge, leveraging the latest technologies, staying ahead of the technology curve, and effectively conveying expertise across all its product lines and lighting solutions. Norming LED lighting systems achieve superior performance, consistent efficiency, and excellent reliability through advanced driving circuitry design, proprietary system integration, and effective thermal management.

Over the years, Norming Lighting has established its distinctive ethos that translates to a perfect blend of engineering achievement with breathtaking elegance of design. Norming's lighting products incorporate the latest technological and aesthetic innovations while providing incomparable levels of reliability, stability and efficiency. Norming prides itself in possessing a robust combination of engineering expertise and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities in developing cost-effective OEM/ODM solutions that include industrial design, integration, consolidation and inspection.

From original concept to product realization, Norming's controlled LED lighting manufacturing solutions deliver unparalleled reliability and availability as well as a high level of consistency in quality management which is strictly modeled after the SGS audited ISO9001:2008 standards.

Norming is a company about people. Being one of Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) participating companies, Norming supports continual improvement opportunities for its employees by fostering a diverse work environment that is friendly and constructive for everyone.
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